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Exploring the capabilities of your inner self

Learn to Master Your Mind and Achieve Prosperity & Freedom

The Conundrum of Life is that we think everything is EXTERNAL.

It's NOT. In fact almost everything is INTERNAL.

We create our own reality. Through Visualisation, Self Talk, Programmes we run internally, Our Patterns, Our way of seeing the world.

The way our mind works keeps us stuck. It limits our growth and it is the one thing that attention must be paid to, not your business, your bank account, your career or even your health. Without a healthy, positive mind mastery, the others don't matter.

Mind Mastery is for all people. Entrepreneurs, Executives, Interested People in Self Improvement.

What you will learn at this course will shape the way you think, behave and live life.

"From Scientist to Entrepreneur... From Potions to Sales"

Peter Lehrke- Pharmtech (NZ)


  • Finally Understanding the way the mind works, so that you know when you are using the Law of Attraction for or against you

  • Learning that the best way to market and sell is by targeting a specific one of the four brains

  • Gaining Consciousness about people's control drama's, their limiting beliefs and how they keep you down as well, plus gaining awareness of the way in which you use your own dramas on others

  • Connecting with Like minds... People who understand you, have been there, can open a world of opportunities and connections to you and who really want you to succeed.

  • Understanding a 1000 year old technique that is designed to clear out your mind and push reset so you can be all you ever wanted to be

  • Getting insights into why some people resonate with you whilst other supposedly great people simply do not

  • Find out about Rituals, Time, Energy Vibration and Much Much More

  • Mike Handcock

    Mike revolutionises thinking. In this video he explains the exact reason why courses such as EPIC are the perfect place to solve the issues that have been holding you back.

    Landi Jac: 

    Global Director Worldwide Business Intelligence (SA)

    Landi Jac is the Global Director of Worldwide Business Intelligence, part of 5 international companies that has now touched the lives of over 300 000 entrepreneurs worldwide. She holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology with Cum Laude, and consults with numerous business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide.

     As Editor in Chief for LEAD Magazine, Landi shares the success stories of her extensive international audience as to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide to reach their next-level business potential. Landi focusses her unique business intelligence across the globe and has consulted to the likes of Presidents of the Global Speakers Federation, Award-Winning Inventors, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Gold-Medalists, Sport Celebrities, Award-Winning Speakers, Best-Selling Authors, Award-Winning Gamers and Educational Moguls. 

    Landi loves growing leaders from exotic places such as the annual Business School in Bali, as well as prestigious Platinum Masterminds held in castles, resorts and cruises. She is a Certified Senior Consultant through the International Institute of Professional Consultants. 

    Mike Handcock: 

    Chairman Circle of Excellence (NZ)

    Mike Handcock is Chairman and Founder of the Circle of Excellence Group, an international organisation that gives business owners access to prosperity, freedom and purpose. For over ten years he has worked with 300,000 entrepreneurs in over fifty countries.

    Acknowledged as one of only thirty three speakers in the world to be certified globally (Global Speaking Fellow, CSP*), Mike has contributed to the industry as an international speaker regularly visiting six continents, as well as the official chairman of the GSF’s* “Leader to Legacy” Global Speaker Summit 2018. He is multi-award winning, with most recent acknowledgements being New Zealand Speaker of the Year, New Zealand Educator of the Year and now a Life Member of NSANZ*. 


    His philanthropic activities have been acknowledged by a US President, including setting up model villages in India for education and major support of orphanages in Cambodia. Mike serves on the Board of the Sage Foundation as well as the Global Dialogue Foundation, an organisation that promotes dialogue between cultures and religions worldwide. His 2010 film 'Dreamcatchers' has reached over 500,000,000.

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    In 2 days you’ll be given a blueprint to Circle of Excellence's proven and trademarked technologies for taking control of your mindset, owning the responsibility and consciously de-engineering sabotaging thought patterns whilst learning simple techniques to use imagination for creation.

    You’ll be introduced to an entirely new way at looking at how see the world, business and life:  

    Just for starters:


    There are four little red devils that sneak up on us when we least expect it. Most of us are unaware to even why this happens let alone being how to control it.

    IMPRINTS are the way in which the world, our teachers, parents and others have shaped us. Can you hear words your mother used to say? That's an imprint. You may be reacting on something that is not even part of your beliefs. BLINDSPOTS are like those in a car. You can't see them but they can cause you to crash. UNDERCURRENTS are like the ocean. We look smooth on top, but underneath is a host of turmoil and TUNNELLING is like putting blinkers on a horse. You simply can't see anything outside the box.

    It is very important to understand these, when and how they occur and how to manage them in your mind.

    The FOUR Brains

    Did you know we have more than one brain?

    Have you heard of fight or flight? Along with freeze which is the major reaction to the sabre tooth tiger these emotions come from the Reptile brain. This is our basic animal instinct.

    But we also have three other brains, the Bird, Insect and Mammal brain all have their very strong uses and relevances in our life, not only for us but in the way we craft our advertising and marketing messages. For example - Insurance Companies appeal to our nurturing mammal brain. Understanding your 4 brains will improve your sales, communication and life.

    The Medicine Wheel

    There was a reason all the ancients honoured the four directions. The word NEWS is literally named after them and the ancient Indians put in place a deep clearing wisdom to engage the power of the four directions to lift your human experience in a conscious way far beyond where it is now.

    The Medicine Wheel is not something arcane. In fact it's scientific, profound and will help you break through to the next level in mastering your mind, your own consciousness and your thought patterns.

    There are deep signs and symbols in nature, but most of us pass nature off as just being there. It is not. If you literally create your existence then energetically you are creating the nature as well. The medicine wheel is an important healing tool.

    "I am now connected globally..."

    Dr Dickson Lai - Founder EMOwave (Malaysia)


    In addition to 2-days of training, Mind Mastery is unlike any other conference or seminar you’ll ever attend. 

    The atmosphere the Presenters create is unique and attracts only the highest of caliber attendees.

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